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Lavany Blackhead Suction Remover Vacuum Pore Cleanser with Microdermabrasion Diamond Head Electric Skin Cleaner Vacuum Extraction Tool, 4 Intensity Levels with Led Indicator

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TOTALLY NEW BLACKHEAD REMOVAL TOOL: Compared with traditional blackhead removal needles or nose pore strips, Lavany effectively massages and lifts skin, eliminates blackheads and acne, relieves damaged skin, and improves the look of large pores

PROFESSIONAL SKIN PURIFYING: 4 intensity levels that meet the different requirements of different skin types; ideal for tender, sensitive and fragile skin; easy to operate without leaving any local skin lesions and bruising marks (please note that never keep the device on one area of the face for more than 3 seconds)

ZERO-PORE SKIN: 4 skin-friendly detachable suction heads to easily cleanse your face including forehead, cheek, chin and nose; translucent design allows you to see the blackheads, oils and dead skin cells; easy to use and suitable for the whole family

SOLVE 6 SKIN PROBLEMS IN 3 EASY STEPS: Simply cleanse your face, apply a hot compress, and then turn on the device to beautify your face; the device wholly sucks up blackheads and acne, absorbs oils and dirt, removes dead skin cells, increases skin elasticity by lifting and firming skin, and reduces fine lines

PRACTICAL BEAUTY TOOL: Once fully charged will last for 15 days without running out of power; compact and portable for home and travel use; beautifully packaged so you can present as a gift to one of your loved ones

The Secret of Clear Skin
Combining physical absorption and acoustic wave vibrations, Lavany Electric Blackhead Suction Remover can safely and effectively suck up stubborn blackheads without irritation. While traditional tools adopt the tear-up method which will lead to large pores and loose skin, at Lavany we have found a way to treat your skin without the negative side effects.

Easy Operation and Portability
Firstly, cleanse your face. Next, use a hot towel or facial steamer to open up your pores. Turn on the device and set it to your desired intensity level based on your skin type. After 3 minutes, you’ll see an obvious effect. Blackheads, oils and dirt will be removed. Plus, with its compact and portable design, you can take it with you anywhere you go.

4 Skin-Friendly Suction Heads Solve 6 Skin Problems
Large round hole: Sucks up stubborn blackheads
Small round hole: Cleans acne, oils, and blackheads around the nose
Oval hole: Increases skin elasticity by massaging and lifting skin
Microcrystalline round hole: Removes dead skin cells and calluses

Warm Tips
1. Before using, apply a hot towel or use a blackhead derived lotion to open the pores on your face.
2. When massaging and pulling the skin, adopt a low intensity level. Let the suction head contact with skin intermittently and don’t keep it on one area of the face for a long time.

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Reviews (64)

Loves this! I have a teenage daughter with lots of face issues! This worked great and helped clear up lots of blackheads. So easy to use. Super easy to clean. Very handy small and light weight
 I tried it and liked it . Very helpful in removing black head , has many head attachment or replacement , easy to use and charge it has an USB cable so you can put it anywhere for charge. The charge last long . Great buy !!!! Just love it
 This Lavany Electric Blackhead Suction Remover was awesome! This is not just a black head remover but also increases skin elastic by lifting and firming your skin. It comes with 4 replaceable suction head, the large round hole has strong suction for dealing with fat blackheads, the small round hole is ideal for tender, sensitive and fragile skin, and the micro crystalline round hole gets rid of dead skin cells. It has also 3 different settings on it witch where you can choose on how intensity you would like to set in. This is so easy to use and easy to clean, all the suction head is washable and rechargeable. I really love this product and my husband as well.
You ever get those women who come to your house with those miracle creams, wrinkle removers, acne free magic? Well one of those women came by my house one day and used a tool similar to this on my face and it helped to remove some of the big pimples that I had without squeezing and without marking my face. So obviously intrigued I went online in search of a product that would have the same results because I was tired of popping my pimples with my hands and getting the "messy" effects. This one is a little on the expensive side however it has many bonuses like different type heads for different jobs and a rechargeable battery. I love rechargeable batteries because they save me so much time and frustration of running out of "juice."
All in all, this is a good product to invest in if your serious about your acne.
 This thing will suck your skin off!
This black head remover works great! I of course was skeptical of the product when ordering because there are of course good and bad reviews out there but this one is fantastic! I definitely recommend this item! It is easy to charge, easy to use, and there are instructions to make it even easier. Plus it comes with multiple attachments which is awesome! Very happy with my purchase.
I wanted to buy something to get all my blackheads and I saw this product at Amazon. I bought to try if it works and it did!this product works great!It exceeded my expectations. It's a durable and a good quality product. It helps me clean my face by getting all them blackheads! I am very happy with my purchase. Very affordable for a high quality product. I would definitely recommend this product to friends.
The package arrived on time without any damage. Before i was hesitant to order this kind of blackhead remover cuz i've read alot of negative reviews on different site that it does'nt work, thankfully i found this brand and read the reviews and it seems that it's working so gave it a try. And i was not dissapointed, it actually works! I can remove my blackheads easily. It is well made and is a good quality product. I am very pleased with my purchased!
I had a girls night with a friend last night, and we had a lot of fun painting our nails and doing facials! We both used this, sanitizing with alcohol between, and it really did pull out blackheads! It was a learning curve to get used to the amount of suction with each head and are of the face, but we got the hang of it, and oooh-ed and aaah-ed at all the gunk we got out lol A great tool, and the 5 different heads were a nice touch, giving us lots of options. If you look closely in the second picture, you can see all the gunk it removed from my face!
This definitely has some powerful suction to it. Has lots of different interchangeable heads and comes with all kinds of spare pieces. So this one piece of equipment gives me a lot of different options. I like that it comes with a nice protective bag and that it charges with usb....so I won't go through a ton of batteries!