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Lavany Facial & Body Cleansing Brush, 7-in-1 Waterproof Electric Exfoliating Facial Brush with 2 Speed Settings for Skin Care, Includes Detachable Handle & 6 Brush Heads

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2017 NEWEST VERSION: Equipped with an upgraded motor system; double cleansing levels; 7-in-1 skin cleansing kitwith a detachable handle for both face and body cleansing; sleek and elegant design

UPGRADED CLEANING SYSTEM: Thanks to the upgraded motor system, the brush head won’t stop even when applying pressure on face; low speed for gentle and smooth cleansing and high speed for a much deeper exfoliating cleansing experience

WATERPROOF DESIGN: IPX6 waterproof and cordless structure; easy to use for both face and body cleansing; convenient and safe to use in the shower or bath without any worry about immersion in water; body brush with an extended handle for cleansing hard-to-reach body areas to avoid skin problems

DELICATE SKIN CARE: Silky soft 0.05 mm DuPont bristles are gentle on your skin without causing any irritations; reaches deep into pores for thorough cleansing; effectively sweeps oils, dirt, makeup residues, and blackheads

6 BRUSH HEADS SATISFY ALL YOUR NEEDS: With 6 changeable brush heads, Lavany Brush Set provide you with head-to-toe care; suitable for all skin types including normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive

The Magic Power of Lavany Facial & Body Cleansing Brush
Lavany Facial & Body Cleansing Brush Set can penetrate deeper into the epidermis for thoroughly cleansing oils, dirt and makeup residues from pores, leaving your face and body feeling smooth and refreshed. The brush also does a great job of exfoliation and massage.

Compact and Portable
This cordless and battery-operated brush set easily fits in your handbag. Bring it wherever your busy lifestyle takes you. A travel pouch is included for convenient packaging.

Enjoy Head-to-Toe Care with Our Brush Kit
We provide 6 brush heads to meet all your face and body cleansing needs. With these unique brushes you’re sure to find the cleansing performance your face and body need.
1. Facial PBT brush: Effectively cleanses away dirt, impurities,and makeup residues; suitable for daily use for oily or combination skin
2. Facial silicone brush: Gently removes oils and impurities, and massages to relieve fatigue; gentle for people with sensitive skin
3. Facial latex brush: Wipes out oils and makeup residues (use with microdermabrasion polisher/cream once a week)
4. Pumice head: Removes rough patches of skin on your hands or feet
5. Rolling head: Massage face or body to improve circulation
6. Body cleansing brush: Removes the horny from all your body parts to avoid skin problems

Start your daily beauty regimen of carefully cleansing your face and body today!

1. If skin irritation or redness occurs, discontinue use.
2. Not for use on irritated or broken skin.

Additional Information

Shipping Weight: 14.4 ounces
Batteries 2 AA batteries required

Reviews (27)

I absolutely love this beauty brush set! The variety of attachments is great. I especially like the body brush with extendable handle. What a great feature to add to this kit. The attachments pop on and off easily and there is one to suit all your needs. Exfoliate, clean and massage all in one. Such a nice gift for birthdays and holidays. Even comes with a velvet pouch to store items when not using. Great purchase :)
This was my very first time purchasing a cleaning brush and I absolutely love it! I love all the different interchangeable heads so that you can use it on your face and body! Very easy to use and ITS WATERPROOF so you can take it in the shower for a massage!
I just purchased this Lavany Facial and Body Cleansing Brush and it feels like the ones used when I get a facial at the spa! I inserted batteries and it worked right away. There are 6 different heads that can be used, depending on what you are using it for. I used the Facial brush with my Hydrating facial cleanser and the Pumice head (on my dry feet from wearing sandals all summer). I like that I can easily clean it and store it all in the bag provided. The long handle attaches so you can reach your back when using it in the bath tub or shower. It has a low or high setting, depending on your sensitivity. Now I can have a facial every night! Lavany Facial & Body Cleansing Brush, 7-in-1 Waterproof Electric Exfoliating Facial Brush with 2 Speed Settings for Skin Care, Includes Detachable Handle & 6 Brush Heads
I really like using this brush, I like all the different attachments and that I can apply lotion to my back easier with the telescope attachment, I also like that I can apply lotion without having to get my hands all greasy.
 Great product and comparable to the popular mia. It's cheaper and comes with so many more brushes. It's powerful and gets my skin clean right into the pores. It uses two double A batteries. I would only change that and wish it was rechargeable by wire.
It is an absolutely best thing for my face I have ever tried! It cleans my face very gentle( I have a sensitive skin with rosacia ) and cleans soooo deep at the same time. The best thing I liked is it has a holder and many different options to use such as body polish and heels polish! I really love the handle for ease usage and of course the price! Compare to the clarisonic it has more options more durable and much cheaper!
 OMG! this is very nice i super love it this is the best facial and cleasing brush kit that i ever had,i owned like this but different brand and its not that good not like of this Lavany brand so perfect i am so impress and happy.the brush is very soft it works really good after i used this my face is so smooth and feel so clean.also i like the extended handle because i can able to reach my back if im going to brush or massage,also this batterry operated Using AA 2PCS and this is water safe because it is very close and have a safety casing for the battery to get wet.i will highly recommend.
 It's been so long I wanted to buy this.So I decided to purchase and so I got this. This item is easy to use,I can really clean my face using this siliconefacial cleanser and good in removing my make up.and it gives me massage to my face .and to my body.I enjoy using this product.I really love it.The product was really has Good quality and works perfectly.
 The product comes with different types of cleansing brushes. You can choose whichever is suitable to use. It doesn't give too much pressure for your skin and it's easy to use. I am happy with the purchase.
Decided to try this face and body brush because I've been thinking of buying a Clarisonic for such a long time, but have not committed to spending big bucks. I bought the Lavany because of it's price and versatility. I love the black pouch that comes with it where you can store all the parts, it looks luxurious. But my favorite is that this brush works great for the fraction of the price. I am lazy when cleaning my face with my hands so The brush helps me take the dirt, makeup and oil off my face and I could really feel it after the first use. My face feels softer and cleaner and like that my face products absorb better. I would say my favorite brush besides de put brush is the latex brush...ohhh it feels so good to massage my face with it!