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Jerrybox Rose Paraffin Wax, for Use in Paraffin Wax Warmers, 5 Packs of 200 g/7.05 oz

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    About the product

   NATURAL & SOOTHING: Rich in rose essence, which calms your nerves and muscles and relaxes body and mind;        

   hypoallergenic thanks to natural ingredients and therefore does not  cause skin irritation

   HIGHLY MOISTURIZING & NOURISHING: Removes dead skin cells and helps smooth fine lines while nourishing

    and moisturizing your skin; helps to heal dry, peeling, rough skin and   flakes

   RELIEVES SORE MUSCLES & JOINTS: Wax treatments can be used for medical purposes to relieve chronic joint pain; 

   relieves sore muscles and improves blood circulation in the treated areas through thermal conduction

  USE ALL OVER THE BODY: Melted wax can be applied to the hands, elbows, arms, back, legs, feet and more

  CONVENIENT & HYGIENIC: Includes 5 individual bags of paraffin wax, weighing 200 g (0.44 lb) each; 

  individual packaging allows wax to be used or preserved at your convenience, ensuring it stays clean and hygienic

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Reviews (3)

My husband loves how it softens his extremely callused hands
The product is excellent! It smells great! It came very quickly after I ordered it. Everything was great!
I use these with my paraffin warmer and they melt quickly.
The scent is a little strong but it's more pleasant than plain wax.