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Lavany Oral Irrigator, Family Water Flosser with UV Sterilizer, 600ml High-Volume Reservoir with Lid Cover

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2017 UPGRADED VERSION: 10 pressure settings so you can choose the right water flow speed for you; 7 water flosser nozzles; 600 ml water capacity; UV sanitizer; supports normal and massage mode
UNIQUE UV SANITIZER: Kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and microbes using ultraviolet radiation; no need to worry about cleaning the nozzles after each use; only once the compartment is properly closed will the UV light turn on
SPLASH-PROOF DESIGN: With an IPX6 waterproof rating, the device isfully functional even if splashed with water; built-in tank valve prevents water from inside leaking and guarantees a safer, smoother operation
MULTIPLE JET NOZZLES: Includes 3 standard nozzles, a periodontal nozzle, an orthodontic nozzle, a plaque nozzle and a tongue cleaner; suitable for braces, bridges, periodontal pockets, sensitive gums, and crowns; you are sure to find the right nozzle for your dental care needs

HYGIENIC FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: 3 color-coded standard nozzles for 3 users; 600 ml reservoir that is enough for 3 people to use when fully filled; 10 pressure settings that are easy to adjust for children and the elderly

Lavany Oral Irrigator is designed to go where traditional floss cannot reach to remove bacteria and plaque from deeply between teeth and below the gumline. With this device, you’re always guaranteed a clean and fresh mouth.

Reliable UV Sanitizer
To ensure that each nozzle is clean after every use, the device features a reliable UV sanitizer, which effectively kills bacteria and viruses. It is easy to operate and the design is completely safe. Only once the door is properly closed will the concealed button be triggered and the sanitizer will switch on. The process takes 15 minutes. When you are ready to begin just organize all the nozzles in the storage box and start to sterilize.

High-Volume Reservoir
It is designed with a large reservoir with a 600 ml capacity, which means you don’t need to refill water over and over. The flip top lid is convenient for easy refills. Moreover, it helps keep dust and debris out.

Innovative Design & Totally New Experience
Supports two modes including normal and massage mode. Built with 10 different water pressures, you can choose the right setting for you. Slide the on/off button on the handle to begin or stop the water flow. From a gentle massage to a strong blast, you’ll find the perfect solution for your dental care needs. To replace the nozzle simply press the pop-up button on the handle and remove the original before placing the replacement.

Overall Oral Health for Your Whole Family
It includes 3 standard nozzles, a periodontal nozzle, an orthodontic nozzle, a plaque nozzle and a tongue cleaner. All these nozzles deliver therapeutic rinses into gum pockets and remove bacteria that can cause bad breath. More importantly, it provides an easy and safe way for children to clean hard-to-reach areas around braces. If you are interested in a portable version of this product, please refer to our FC158 Portable Oral Irrigator.

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