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Jerrybox Cuchara Báscula, Báscula de Cocina, Cuchara Digital, Medidora Electrónica con Precisión de 0.1g

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HIGH PRECISION: Weighs ingredients ranging from 0.5 g to 300 g with an increment of 0.1 g; provides 2 measurement units to transform among g and oz; precise markers to measure liquid volume with a capacity of 5 ml-30 ml
TARE FUNCTION: Allows you to weigh another ingredient by subtracting the weight of a container or an ingredient that has been weighed without getting them out
ADD-UP FUNCTION: Adds up the total weight of different ingredients with a maximum capacity of 3000 g / 105.85 oz
PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of safe and non-toxic material; sleek and elegant design; detachable scoop for easy cleaning

VERSATILE: Suitable for a wide range of solid, powder and liquid contents such as table

If you do not want to guess when measuring ingredients, this gadget fits the bill. With this portable digital spoon scale, you are sure that you are adding exactly the right amount.

Accurate Measurement

This digital spoon scale supports maximum weight of 300 g and minimum weight of 0.5 g. The accuracy is rated to 0.1 g. You can weigh any ingredients as you like. Note: please try to keep this spoon scale level and steady for precise readout, power-on and tare functions. It is not recommended to place this item on the desktop surface.

High Safety

Made of quality ABS and Stainless Steel material, this digital spoon scale is highly safe, reliable and durable. It is a healthy-lifestyle selection for you and your family.

Removable Scoop for Easy Cleaning
The spoon can be easily detached from the handle. In this way, you can prevent water from getting into the scale body to maintain its service life, therefore, there is no worry about the cleaning problem even after weighing butter.

Add-up Function

The digital spoon scale allows you to add up the total weight of different ingredients with a maximum capacity of 3000 g / 105.85 oz. A user manual is include to guide you how to use this function in details.

Auto Power-Off Function
If the weight does not change or there is no manual operation, this device will turn off within 60 seconds, helping to prolong the lifespan of the battery by saving power.

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