How to take part in the giveaway promotion?
1.Products involved in this giveaway promotion are only for citizens from the corresponding country of the respective website.
2.To take part in the giveaway promotion, please choose the product you want and register with your email address to become a member of the website.
Note: Only one entry per person.
3.We will post a list of 10 lucky winners every Friday on the official website. Please make sure to take note of this.
4.All winners will be informed by email. Please make sure to notice the email from us.

List of Winners:
  • Ship To JP: aff*****
  • Ship To UK: jes*****
  • Ship To UK: Joi*****
  • Ship To JP: ok*****
  • Ship To US: De*****o1@hotmail
  • Ship To JP: no*****
  • Ship To UK: Ri*****
  • Ship To IT: al*****
  • Ship To IT: sa*****
  • Ship To ES: Sim*****
  • Ship To IT: Sim*****
  • Ship To ES: nyc*****
  • Ship To FR: ma*****
  • Ship To FR: lo*****
  • Ship To ES: anus*****
  • Ship To FR: Lau*****
  • Ship To DE: kn*****
  • Ship To US: A.le*****
  • Ship To DE: ing*****
  • Ship To DE: rec*****
  • Ship To US: Sta*****
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1.The promotions will be hold every week.
2.The list of winners will be posted every Friday and the winners will be contacted by email. Winners should provide an up to date delivery address. The products will then be sent out within 7 working days.
3.By submitting your email address, you are agreeing to the Jerrybox Privacy Policy.
4.Users suspected of cheating will have their codes revoked.
5.If you have any questions about the promotion, please send an email to
6.Jerrybox reserves all power of interpretation rights for this promotion.