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Jerrybox Foldable Travel Potty Seat for Babies, Toddlers Potty Seat, Toitet Training with Carrying Bag (Blue)

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FOLDABLE & PORTABLE : Foldable to a compact sizeof 18 cm ×15 cm× 5 cm; lightweightdesign; fits neatly into a diaper bag/travel bag

GOOD TRAVEL HELPER : Suitable for home and travel use;fits most standard and elongated toilet seats;avoids direct contact with public toilets and helps effectively preventthe spread of germs

BEST FOR KIDS : Specially designed for kids of 1-6years old; made of safe, nontoxic, and odorless food grade ABS material that is healthy and environmentally friendly; cheerful colorand animal print bring fun and excitement to potty time

PARENTS’ SMART CHOICE : Frees parents from holding their kids when theyneed to use a toilet; helps to improve childcare and cleanliness;will be a smart choice for modern and busy families

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Assists toddlers to sit comfortably and securely with shrunken toilet opening; double non-slipping paddings and locks ensure devicestability

Find Your Love with Jerrybox

The JerryboxFoldable Travel Potty Seat for Babiescan be used at home or on-the-go. It offers great care and convenience for parents and children. Potty training will soon be a phase your kids will love and enjoy.

Great Choice for Smart Families

This potty seat is specially designed to help childrendevelop their toilet manners. It’s comfortable and cheerful! It will make potty training fun while reducing their fear. This potty seat folds down to 18 cm × 15 cm× 5 cm in size so it can be compactly carried in a diaper/ travel bag. The included storage bag adds convenience and portability when used on-the-go.

Convenient andSanitary to Use

No more worrying about the sanitary conditions of public toilets. This potty seat preventsyour childrenfrom direct contact with public toilets and effectively safeguards them from germs. Clean it with disinfectant wipes after each use and placeit in the storage bag.It is recommended to spray it with a disinfectant product after each use.

Ergonomic and Safe Design

The potty seat comes in an ergonomic design with double non-slipping paddings and locks to maintain stability. It is easy to use on various sized toilets and will not slide, making it safe for your child.

Additional Information

Item Weight : 10.4 ounces

Product Dimensions : 7.4 x 6.4 x 2.2 inches

Reviews (96)

Great portable potty seat. Comes with a resealable plastic bag and is working well to help transition my son to the big toilet.
Great for potty training toddlers!
We have not run into a toilet we could not use the adapter on here in Florida. We only used this for a short while until our little one was comfortable using public toilets more with our assistance. My husband used it more than me because he wasn't crazy about trying to balance our daughter on a toilet.
I wouldn't say it easily falls in the toilet but it happened to us a few times. Needs something to lock it into shape too, but I'm glad I bought it.
I use this every single day with my son. He is too little to sit on the big toilet seats when we are out of the house so I just shove this in his little backpack and take it with us everywhere. It is light and folds up to a nice size. Occasionally it likes to slide off of certain toilet seats, not all of them, and partially fall in the toilet but after it happens a couple times you learn what seats it works better on and what ones it doesn't and adjust accordingly. I recommend it to all my friends! I don't know how I could live without this now. Definitely a must have on the baby list!
I wanted to my daughter to use it cuz it's sooo small! This was a good product and did everything as advertised, but my daughter didn't like it. It did slip a little bit, but if you're careful about how you put your kid down, it's not a huge problem. DD didn't have a problem with it pinching her... But again, it's how you place her on top. I can see how it would pinch or move a lot if she scooted or leaned towards one side too much. She used it when we were on vacation in the hotel toilet. But didn't like it when we used it over public toilets. We ended up getting the oxo potty and leave it in the car, which worked better for her.
all potty-training should purchase this product, it is compact and very useful on the go. it is going to be very useful in the near future as well. would definitely recommend this.
It does the job. My only complaint is that it doesn't lock when open, making it more like to pinch if it moves.
We were going to be traveling a lot and our LO is scared to go on the potty without a seat or someone holding him. Neither my husband nor I wanted to have to constantly hold him nor revert to diapers so we opted for this travel seat. I'm so glad we did, it worked on every seat we tried it on (in airports, at vacation rentals, etc.). The only warning I would give is that (as other reviewers mentioned) there is no splash guard so for little boys you have to make sure that they're peeing in the potty and not spraying outside (lesson learned the hard way).
great to have when travelling. sturdy and easy to clean