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JerryBox Digital Timer Electric Socket with Large LCD Display 10 configurable Gear Prog Rammer – Energy Efficient Intelligent Random Switching, 24 Hour/7 Day Timer for Household Appliances

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Simplifies your life: Intelligent design with a timer that supports settings for 24 hours and 7 days of the week, controls almost all your household devices – up to 10 programmable timer.
Saves energy: Saves energy by automatically switching off the lights, fans, Christmas lights and other electrical devices, reduces your monthly electricity costs.
Break-in protection: Provides a burglar protection function that randomly turns your devices on and off while you're away.
Memory function: All program settings are stored by the integrated batteries included timer and time mechanisms that allow you to set the timer even if your device is not plugged in.

Comfortable use: Large LCD display for clear and quick reading, making it simple to transition between standard time and saving time for warm time as well as 12/24 hours format.

Do you sometimes forget to switch off your household equipment?
You need to pay your expensive electrical bills after timed decoupling prices?

If you would like to reduce the energy consumption of your business, wherein you switch-off the lights over the weekend?

the digital programmable socket timers from Jerry box is your solution to save energy, time and money.

Protection against burglary
This socket has a burglary protection function that randomly switches your equipment on & off randomly while you are gone, so that your house looks inhabited and burglaries are prevented.

Integrated battery
The socket has a built in the battery to saves all your settings, including a timer and time mechanisms, even if the timer is not connected.

Easy Button operation
Simply press Clock and on/auto/off at the same time to switch between standard time and saving time to daylight time.

Multi Day of the week settings
The timer for weekdays allows repeated settings. You can easily select several weekdays for your programs, avoiding lengthy manual conversions, or just select weekday or weekend for easy distinction.

Additional Information

Asin: B01M4MX863
Nominal voltage: 230 V AC/50 Hz.
Rated current: 16 A.
Rated power: 3680 W.

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